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Georgia History Syllabus


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Daniel Calkin

  Room: 296

General Information


Students trace the history of Georgia in the context of the development of the South and the United States. The chronological focus of the course includes a geographic overview, earliest inhabitants of Georgia, foundation of Georgia in the eighteenth century through the state’s development in the twentieth century. Students also examine the characteristics of state government, public issues and citizen rights and responsibilities. In addition, the students will explore contemporary and historical comparisons of state and national political institutions.


Expectations and Goals

First, and foremost, I emphasize rigor and quality in my classroom instruction. I have set very high expectations for all students and I believe each student can, and will, achieve the highest degree of success. I have recognized over the years that learners have different learning styles which require me to vary instructional strategies to ensure that each will be successful. Furthermore, my course of instruction provides a challenging curriculum that is current, relevant, and demanding. This challenging atmosphere combined with the highest of expectations will prepare students for high school and for life in the 21st century.

Course Materials

Textbooks: Students will be issued a Georgia History textbook from the Oak Hill Middle School Library: Students are to bring their textbook to class everyday unless told otherwise.

Pencil and Paper: Students should have pencil and paper with him or her each day.

Students will need to have one composition notebook for the class. This will be used for our questions of the day each morning prior to starting class.




Attendance Policy

Regular school attendance gives children a solid foundation for a happier and more successful future. Everyone benefits when children attend school regularly. Parents can and will influence their children’s attitude toward school and learning through what they say and more importantly, by what they do. We need everyone to work

with us in making this aspect of school a total success.


Attendance Policy for Students

Students who are under the age of 16 are covered by the State of Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law(OCGA 20-2-690.1). This law requires students to regularly attend school until their 16 th birthday.

The Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law requires that the School provide each parent/guardian a written summary of possible consequences and penalties for failing to comply with the compulsory Attendance Law. The parent/guardian and student shall sign a statement indicating receipt of such written statement and indicating that they have read and understand the Attendance Policy of the Baldwin County Board of

Education as documented in the School Handbook.


Unexcused Absences - Procedures for Students under the age of 16 with excessive unexcused absences:

When a student accumulates three (3) unexcused absences, the school shall contact the parent/guardian informing them of the three (3) unexcused absences

When five (5) unexcused absences are accumulated, a referral will be made to the Baldwin County School System as required by Ga. Law.

The System Attendance Officer shall send a notification to parents/guardian (by certified mail, return receipt requested) notifying of the absences and include a written summary of the consequences for failing to comply with the Compulsory Attendance Law.

Penalties are: fines of up to $100 per day; up to 30 days of jail per day, community service or a combination of the penalties, at the discretion of the Court.

Each unexcused absence over (5) is considered a separate offense.

Upon receiving a referral, the Attendance Officer may refer cases of five (5) unexcused absences to the School Social Worker, the Dept. of Family and Children Services (or other appropriate community agencies),

Interagency Council and/or to the Attendance Support Team for the School. The Attendance Support Team can be composed of the System Attendance Officer, School administrator, school counselor, parent, student, and any other pertinent party. Failure of a parent/guardian to attend and participate in the Attendance Support Team Meeting will be considered as non-compliance.

If the truancy issue is not resolved after the above processes, legal action will be taken against the parent and the student. A Juvenile Complaint Report will be filed on the student and a State Warrant will be issued for the parent/guardian.

Undocumented Excused Days

A parent/guardian may submit undocumented excuses for no more than five (5) days per school year. *These undocumented absences may be used for days when the student is ill, the illness of an immediate family member which necessitates the student’s absence from school, and extreme family emergencies. A written excuse must be received by the school within three (3) days of the absence(s). The following information must be specified on each excuse:

The date the excuse is written

The student’s name and grade level

The date(s) and day(s) of the absence(s).

The reason for the absence(s).

The signature of the parent or guardian.

*These days may not be used for out of town trips for pleasure or vacation.

Documented Excused Days

After a parent has utilized the five undocumented excused days, a statement from a Doctor or a medical facility will be necessary for an absence to be excused. These statements must be received by the school within three (3) days of the student returning to school after an absence(s).

In cases of the death of an immediate family member (mother, father, sister, brother), 5 days will be excused. If the deceased is an extended family member, (Grandparent, aunt, uncle), two (2) days will be allowed. If the deceased lives out of state no more than four (4) days will be allowed.


Make-Up Work Policy

Students who are absent from class for any reason (this includes absences for School Sponsored Activities) are responsible for arranging make up work. All graded assignments during a student’s absence must be completed before or after school at the convenience of the teacher within the next 5 days. Missed work will not be made up during the regularly scheduled class time.

Work assigned before a student’s absence is due upon his/her return to class.

Make-up sessions for tests assigned prior to an absence must be scheduled with the individual teacher by the end of the first class session with that teacher after the student returns.

Students present on the day of a graded assignment (test/quiz, etc.) following an absence will be responsible for completing the assignment unless new information was covered.

*Please Note – Unexcused tardies and early checkouts are considered in accordance with the Georgia Compulsory School Attendance Law. Five (5) unexcused tardies or unexcused Early Check-outs will equal one (1) unexcused absence. Students are officially considered tardy when arriving at school after 8:15 am. Students must report to the main office with a parent for a tardy pass if they arrive after 8:15 am.


Telephone Use

Students are not to use the office telephones for personal matters; they are for school related business only.

Messages called into the school for the student will be provided to the student at such time as not to interrupt the school day.

Valuable Personal Property

Students should bring only personal items necessary for class participation and/or extracurricular activities. Large sums of money are not recommended. Items that are considered potentially dangerous or disruptive including but not limited to electronic players/recorders or game systems, radios, CD’s, cameras, or any other items not related to instruction, will be confiscated. If such items are brought in for school purposes, the student should have a note from the principal and said items should be kept with the teacher involved. The school is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any valuables that are lost or stolen. Cell Phones and Fidget Spinners are not to be used in or out of the classroom. Do not bring them.


Standards of Behavior: Students are expected to follow the standards of behavior outlined on pg. 33 to 36 of the student Oak Hill Middle School Student Teacher Handbook.


Grading Scale

A 90 - 100 Excellent

B 80 - 89 Good

C 70 - 79 Average

F Below 70 Failing

Grades are cumulative by semester. Semester grades are averaged for the year end final average. Grade weights will be placed in for each type of assignment and quiz/test once our gradebook have been setup by the school.


First Semester Topic outline:

  1. Themes of History
  2. Geography/Transportation
  3. Migration/Exploration
  4. Colonial Period
  5. Revolutionary Period
  6. Growth and Expansion
  7. Antebellum/ Civil War/Reconstruction 



Tips for Success

  1. Communication: Communication is key. If your child is struggling with any aspect of the material being taught, PLEASE, come and see me. I am more than willing to arrange a time at school to go over the material. DO NOT BE AFRAID, I am here for Your Success. Best way to contact me is through email. I usually respond immediately if not, no less than 24 hours.
  2. Give Me 30: I understand that being a student is rough. A lot of you have extra activities and responsibilities. If you study your notes at least thirty minutes every night, you will do well on your exams. (Also if you have trouble sleeping, the notes can help with that. Just Kidding!!!)  
  3. Ask Questions: If you do not understand something, do not hesitate and ask me a question. If I can’t answer your question immediately, I promise to find the answer you are looking for.
  4. Open mind and open heart: Contrary to popular belief, teachers are not here to fail you. As the teacher of this class, I ask that you open your mind and hearts to the way I interact with you and the way I present the material to you. Let’s both be respectful to one another and have a great year.
  5. Give it your all: Come to class and give it your all to be the best student you can be. I promise in return to be the BEST TEACHER YOU CAN HAVE.



As a way to provide positive behavior within the class, and to teach on money/money management, Mr. C has implemented a PBIS program in which the students will learn positive behavior strategies, along with personal money management. Students will have the opportunity to take on jobs within the class, which provide a payout of in class money called Mr. C bucks. Students will earn in class money based on the following guidelines. The student, successfully completes a posted job within the classroom such as trash disposal. The job type determines the amount of payout. Students who do not get an in class job during the week, will receive a daily stipend of Mr. C bucks in class. Students will have the opportunity to save and withdrawal their virtual money via Mr. C Bank and Trust. The virtual money can be spent at Mr. C’s general store. Example products include popcorn, bubble gum, soda, and choose your seat. Each product has a particular value in which the students can spend their virtual dollars. Students can lose their money if proper PBIS behavior is not followed. The purpose of this is to allow the students to take responsibility for their actions and choices within the classroom.    


I am greatly looking forward to teaching your students and having a great year!!!





Parents and Student, please sign the following line and date it. The following signature signifies that you have read and understood everything within the course syllabus.



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