Announcements and Study Guides

Please check this page for any class announcements.


Students in 6th block recieved packets to go home for parents to sign. Please bring back to school as soon as possible.

Students today conducted Ice Breaker acticities and went over class room procedures. Students are also in the process of going over PBIS for the first three days of school with Unit 1 geography and transportation. 

Note: I understand that it was the first day of school, but please remind your student that he or she needs to remain quiet during instructional time. It is very difficult for students to learn when there are other conversations going on in the class that are unrelated to the topic. 

Remember to please register for classroom dojo. It is a great tool for learning about your childs progress. 

All in all it was a good day. I know the kids are ready to get into the actual Georgia History Content. I am looking forward to a great year. 


Can't believe we are fixing to be on day three of the school year. Parents, the students the first three days as instructed by the school administration have been conducting behavioral management or PBIS. I ask you to please remind your student about proper behavior in all aspects of the school, ranging from the classroom to walking in the hall. I would like to intervene in all disruptive behavior the your child can get the proper education that they deserve and what I promise to deliver. Reminder to please have your students to start studying the quizlet vocabulary and the kahoot learning game. Thank you.